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Legal Medical Services

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Professional Chart Reviews

Sometimes a second opinion is necessary to ensure the proper medical care. Our doctor, Dr. Shynda F. Miles, provides honest and quality feedback to ensure that the patient in question gets the care they need. To request a professional chart review, contact us today.

Life Care Planning

A life care plan outlines and individual’s current and future needs, alongside associated costs, for healthcare management. Life care plans are typically created for individuals with disabilities or chronic health care needs.

Our physiatrist, Dr. Shynda F. Miles, approaches each situation with compassion and provides honest feedback to ensure the best quality of life for the person in question. Her approach involves the person or their chosen representative to maximize the compatibility of their life care plan and the individual’s needs and preferences. Each life care plan is developed to explore the potential for change and modification down the road. Contact Dr. Miles today to set up a consultation.

Dr. Shynda F. Miles, MD

Primary Physiatrist, Miles Medical Group

Board-certified physiatrist. Voted one of Kansas City’s top doctors of 2022 by Kansas City Magazine. More About Me

Expert Witness

Dr. Shynda F. Miles has practiced physiatry for over 20 years. She is a valuable resource for any case where an honest and thorough professional opinion is needed. She exemplifies all ethical standards and provides concise, professional, and honest feedback to provide a quality experience as an expert witness. To get Dr. Miles’ availability information, call our office at (913) 261-9812.

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Independent Medical Evaluations

As an experienced medical professional, Dr. Shynda F. Miles is qualified to provide a professional third-party opinion for any employer or insurance provider. Her approach ensures that a thorough and honest opinion is delivered effectively. To request an independent medical evaluation, call our office today.