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Physiatry Medical Services

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Non-Interventional Pain Management

Most patients want to do everything they can before trying interventional pain management options such as injections. Depending on your specific situation, non-interventional pain management techniques such as general physical therapy can effectively manage pain. Our thorough and compassionate approach personalizes our care to meet your particular needs and get you on track to feeling better faster.

Baclofen Pumps

Dealing with tight muscles and pain, even with oral baclofen, can be exhausting. Baclofen pumps may provide long-term relief of severe spasticity with far less baclofen than oral doses; that means less medication and fewer side effects. Our team can help you understand your options and give you everything you need to make an informed decision. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

Medical Injections

Questions? Call (913) 261-9812 to speak with one of our patient care coordinators about arranging a consultation to discuss your options.

Joint Injections

Joint injections are a minimally invasive option for pain relief without surgery. If you are experiencing inflammatory joint conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, or gout, joint injections can be a valuable tool to help ease your pain.

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger points vary from each individual and can be annoying or painful after applying pressure. A trigger point injection can help alleviate muscle pain caused by an active trigger point. This minimally invasive procedure can typically be done within a few minutes and may improve pain within 24-72 hours.

Botox Injections

Contrary to popular belief, Botox has a range of medical uses that extend far past the realm of aesthetics. Botox injections can effectively treat ailments such as adult spasticity and chronic migraines. It is important to discuss if Botox injections are suitable for you with your doctor.

Post Covid-19 Long Haulers Syndrome

Most people recover from Covid-19 within a few weeks but some experience lingering symptoms. Post Covid-19 Long-Hauler Syndrome can vary from person to person. Often it can be essential to discuss your symptoms with a qualified medical professional. If you are experiencing lingering effects from Covid-19, reach out to our practice to create a care plan to combat these effects.

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“Dr Miles has been my doctor for almost 20 years. She listens and takes care of her patients… My quality of life is better thanks to her and her staff!”

Roger Coleman


Very caring and understanding. She listens when other doctors blew me off. I am very blessed to have found Dr Miles.

Melissa Borsella


This doctor is great. She helps you and listens to all your concerns. Pain management, A plus.

Uvon Braswell

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